1 September 2016


-Ziss Air Diffuser & Control Valve-

Ziss Air Diffuser (ZAD-12)

​The Ziss Plastic Air Diffuser gives much more powerful water moving by designed big bubble.

​And it can be cleaned if it clogged simply open the parts.

​As a result it gurantees long-term use.

We recommand this at the water-lift system. (undergravel filter, sponge filter, etc)



– Can be cleaned if it clogged

– Powerful water moving with low back pressure

– Work well even at low power blower

Information of Product

– Material : PP + PC

– Size information : 12mm X 35mm



Ziss Air Control Valve (ZV-4)

​The Ziss Air Control Valve gives accurate and easy air speed control by well designed and big dial.

And it made by high quality material with no leak.

We gurantees long-term use.


– Accurate and Easy speed control by big dial

– No leak

– High quality material and product

Information of Product

– Material : POM + PC

– Size information : fit to 4mm ID hose